Apr 16, 2014

Is My Dream Possible?

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Many of us don’t even spend a lot of time thinking about what we really want from our life.  Some of us who do, may be asking the wrong question.  What question is that?  It is “Is my dream possible?” Then they look at their life, their abilities and their conditions to determine the answer. The answers to those questions may be convincing.  You may look at where you live, your age, your bank statement. However, the world is an interesting place.  The universe is full of endless possibilities.  Many say, by definition, it is unlimited. When you look at your current life, your current abilities and your current conditions to determine your dream, you squeeze the infinite into a tiny little picture of what you think is possible. We have to really dream...
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Apr 3, 2014

Lessons To Be Learnt This Year

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Our age doesn’t matter; we all have lessons to learn in life.  Take time this year to look at the people around you and the things that are happening to you and look for what you can learn. Be aware and open for your lessons this year. When you take on board the lessons that are around you, it means that next time you find things will be easier for you. If you are someone who has the same problems or difficulties as you have always had then perhaps it means you are not learning the lessons that you need to learn. Be open to what is going on in your life, the good and the bad and look for the lessons to be learnt.
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Mar 5, 2014

Daily Decisions Decide Destiny

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“Daily Decisions Decide Destiny” Kelli Sibbit How very true.  Every small daily decision is working towards your destiny, your outcomes, you reaching your goals. It can be as small as getting out of bed when the alarm rings, to what to have for breakfast, to what work to start on for the day. The idea is that each little decision is a step on the path to your outcomes. Every decision that you make throughout the day is important, no matter how small or large. They are all leading to your outcomes. Give each decision the attention it deserves.
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Feb 19, 2014

Be the Best Version of You

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Photo courtesy ofFigure Skaters Online “I need to stop trying to become perfect and just try to become better.” Sasha Cohen, U.S. Figure Skater How often do you want everything to be just right?  To be the best?  To excel?  While they are all good aims, sometimes aiming for perfection stops you from even starting.  Why not just aim to take action, learn, improve and get better? A mentor of mine often spoke about how she aims for 80% and above.  That she deliberately makes mistakes in what she does to teach others – her message is that it’s all about taking action and not being perfect!  She has an extremely successful business so that is when I decided it was time to drop aiming for perfection and just focus on taking action...
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Feb 4, 2014

Abandon Fear This Year

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Fear of what might happen is a waste of time and energy. If the thing you are worrying about doesn’t happen, you have wasted all that time and energy for nothing. Take a moment to think about what it is you fear. Now think about what is the worst thing that could happen. Is it really likely to happen? Is there something you could learn from it if it did happen? What things did you used to fear? I was walking to school with my daughters today, aged 11 and 8, and we were talking about how we used to fear monsters under our bed when we were young. Now we are more mature, we know that our fear and the energy we put into it was wasted time and energy. Think about...
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Jan 22, 2014

Designing Your Morning Routine

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How do you wake up of a morning? Strange question, I know, but something you may want to think about is your morning routine. Do you struggle to get out of bed unmotivated by the day ahead? Well perhaps this year, change the way you wake up. Try something different if it will serve you well. When you first wake up, take a moment and stay in bed and be thankful. Be thankful for the wonderful night’s sleep, be thankful for the comfortable bed, and be thankful for the warm blankets. Just be thankful. Then take a moment to say to yourself, “Today is going to be a wonderful day.” Smile and you are ready to rise – happy from the start. I heard about one lady who, every day when she wakes,...
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Dec 18, 2013

Christmas Planning – Final Countdown

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The house is cleaned, the gifts are wrapped, the decorations are up, most of the functions are out of the way. Wow – we got there. It is now the week before Christmas and it is time for the little details. It is time to: Buy some flowers Wrap the last presents Buy final perishable foods Check your camera and videos are charged Buy some batteries Have your last few days planned out so your head is clear Things to include in your final plan: Defrosting any meats Preparing the table Preparing any food that can be done early Make sure you have enough cutlery and crockery Get your clothes out and organised Get your sleep Plan Your Christmas Eve Spend time with the kids in the park so they are tired and will go to sleep early Have an...
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Dec 11, 2013

Enjoying Christmas – Theft

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Believe it or not, at this time of year, you aren’t the only busy person. Thieves are busy too. They know that houses are full of gifts and presents. At the same time, they have a busy schedule just after Christmas when everyone heads off on holidays. Lock the House We are busy and in and out of the house. I know this sounds basic, but make sure the doors are locked. Thieves are out and about and just trying doors is easy for them. Lock the Car When at shopping centres, it can be an ordeal just getting a car park. This means by the time we have a car park, we can jump out of the car and forget to lock the car. Break down boxes If you leave a large box out...
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Dec 4, 2013

Enjoying Christmas – Guard Your Health

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This time of year we all seem to push beyond our ‘normal’ limits. It is important for you to look after yourself. It is easy to abuse your health with parties, rich food, a busy schedule, less time for sleep, dropping or reducing the exercise routine. Some suggestions include: Food It is important to enjoy the festive season; however, be aware of what food you are eating. When not at functions and parties, be conscious of eating really well. Salads, fruit, and vegetables. When you are at functions and parties, try not to go there hungry. Eat something before you go so that you aren’t starving. Water Drink plenty of water all the time especially when you are at functions and events where alcohol will be served. Try to have a glass of water...
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Nov 27, 2013

Enjoying Christmas – Spring Clean and Decorate for Christmas

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If you haven’t already done so, it is time to Spring Clean, DeClutter and Decorate the house. Wow, that seems like three big tasks. However, like everything we do, we break it down. Spring Clean It is time to think about the cleaning tasks that need to be done for the Christmas season. Do these tasks over the next few weeks if you can. Starting with the long lasting tasks. It may be organising for the carpet and curtains to be professionally cleaned. It may be a good solid dusting in the rooms that you will be entertaining in during the festive season. If you can outsource tasks then book them in. Keep in mind this is not a time for major home repair jobs, painting, redecorating or other big projects. Our...
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