Jan 14, 2015

Four Steps To Happiness

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“What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.”  ~ Unknown

I really love this quote as it’s a powerful reminder that each day of our lives should be spent doing something we love, feel passionate about and that makes us truly fulfilled.

If you’ve ever felt as if there was something standing in your way of living a passion filled life that YOU love, try these 4 steps to invite more passion into your life today.

Step #1: Focus on the things that bring you joy

Step #2: Stop over-thinking

Step #3: Take action on something

Step #4: Follow your inner voice

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Jul 17, 2013

Be Careful Of The Labels You Use

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What label do you want people to remember you by? Beware of labels that can limit your experience. My son has been diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome. It is a label I have spent time talking to him that it isn’t a disability, it is just what they call he has. You see he can’t read black writing on white paper. If he wears glasses with coloured lenses where the white paper now is a different colour then he can read perfectly. So you see what I mean, it isn’t a disability. It is just his eyes don’t like white paper. The trouble is this took a while to figure out and he was frustrated that he couldn’t read like the other kids. Once we got the coloured lenses, he could read...
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Jul 3, 2013

How To Be Happy

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Happiness will not be found where you are currently looking because what you think will make you happy will not. Happiness will not come from Losing a few pounds Gaining a few dollars Making it big Getting married Having the perfect body Having the perfect house Or more possessions So stop searching for something that can’t be found and start learning what you can do to become a happier person. Researchers have found that your life circumstances are only a small part of your happiness because people quickly adapt to positive changes in their life. And soon after they have what they have always wanted they feel the same as they did before. And they start searching for the next new thing in an endless cycle. That will never bring true happiness. To stop the cycle, you must understand that...
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Jun 19, 2013

Be Happy Before You Have a Reason

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“I am happy before I have a reason.” I wish I could tell you who this quote is from but I have no idea. Have you ever put much thought into what makes you happy? What do you need to be happy? What needs to occur for you to be happy? Have you realised that for many of us, our default state is that of not being happy. For some people their happiness is not dependent on them but on others. Some people feel that loved ones must prove their love constantly for them to be happy. Have you thought about the saying “What you focus on is what you get?” So if you are focusing on happiness, what happens? If you are focusing on not being happy, what happens? I am...
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