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Aug 6, 2014


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I’ve been helping a friend pack up her grandmother’s stuff. She wasn’t a hoarder, but she still ended up with a house full of largely worthless stuff for my friend to get rid of.

It made me ponder on what I keep and what I get rid of. When we keep something that we haven’t used for five years, why are we doing that? Is it because we are scared to get rid of it, we think we might need it one day, it was a gift?

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Aug 6, 2014

Be Aware Of Your Speech

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One of the most amazing facts of life is that our speech determines our direction in life. Not only does it determine our thinking, but it influences so many others that we come into contact with daily. Words are powerful. Have you heard the saying, “What you say is what you get”? To control your words, you must first control your mind. Whatever we sow, we reap. Words are the most powerful thing in the universe. The words we speak will either hold us in bondage or bring us into success. Be aware of the words you use and choose wisely; both for your own benefit and those around you.
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Jul 23, 2014

Self-Limiting Beliefs

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For many of us, we have a goal that we desire in life but there is something in the background working against us in achieving that goal. This is known as a self-limiting belief.

The Top 10 self-limiting beliefs are:

  1. I’m too old.
  2. I’m not smart enough.
  3. I’m not educated enough.
  4. I’m afraid of trying and failing.
  5. You have to have money to make money.
  6. I’ve already tried everything.
  7. It’s selfish of me to want more.
  8. I don’t feel that I really deserve it.
  9. I don’t have the willpower.
  10. All the good ones are taken.
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Jul 23, 2014

Putting Off Tasks

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We are all well aware that life is busy. At times, it may feel like it’s far too busy for us to keep up. This means that we can put off tasks that should be done. The following are some tips to help you move forward when you find you are putting tasks last on the ‘to-do’ list day-after-day or week-after-week and in some cases month-after-month. Identify the task that you are putting off and do the task. Don’t start or do anything else until you have done that task. If the task is something that is too difficult, you don’t have the skills, or even too trivial, then consider delegating or outsourcing. At the beginning of each day, most time management experts recommend that you number your tasks that you intend...
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Jul 9, 2014

14 Ways To Get The Sleep You Need

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Getting enough sleep for your body helps you be more productive, have more energy, prevent weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.  So what are some strategies to help you sleep better?

  1. Worry elsewhere – take 5 to 10 minutes before going to bed to work through any worries and concerns you have
  2. Get rid of the bedside clock
  3. Add magnesium
  4. Snack happy
  5. A scented bath
  6. Clear the bedroom clutter
  7. Massage your toes – in traditional Chinese medicine, a bad night’s sleep can be related to your liver Qi (energy) not flowing properly.
  8. Think about your pillow – is it the right one for you?
  9. Listen to a guided meditation
  10. Avoid sugar
  11. Do a mind dump
  12. You may have to lose weight – 70% of people who are obese or overweight have sleep apnoea.
  13. Go decaf
  14. Listen to your sleep cycle

Action: Pick one and start with that.

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Jul 9, 2014

Life Just Is

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Life just is.  You have to flow with it. Give yourself to the moment.  Let it happen. Governor Jerry Brown Have you ever taken the time to think about what you can and what you can’t control?  I love to be in control.  I love being organised and systematised as they help me be in control.  However, I have come to realise that there are factors way beyond my control, and that, in order to progress I need to let go of those factors. The only person that I can control is me.  That is the person I need to rely on.  I love to help people, support people, encourage people; however, at the end of the day, the only person I can control is me.  I can give my best to others,...
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Jun 25, 2014

Goal Setting: What Are You Learning From Those Around You?

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This week’s video discusses what you can learn from those around you.

I recently read that there are lessons for all of us from the people that are around us.  So I started to look and see what lessons I could learn from the people around me.  It was amazing!  Some of the things I learned include:

  • I learnt how to laugh more at myself
  • I learnt how to show more love to others
  • I learnt how my harsh words can affect people
  • I learnt to see the good in people because they do mean well it may just not seem that way
  • I learnt to keep in contact more
  • I learnt the importance of kind words to myself
  • I learnt that there are infinite possibilities available to me
  • I learnt that life is full of continual learning

Action:  See what you can learn from those around you.

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Jun 25, 2014

With Each Day, Realize that You’re Here to Make a Difference

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I would love you to take some time today to think of one or two people in your life who have been “impact people”.  People who impacted your life in such a way that by crossing your path, you discovered you were more than you had thought previously. For each one of us, the impact will be different because we are all unique.  These people allowed you to learn a little more about yourself.  They empowered you and lifted you up.  Their moment in your life was marked forever. Each and every one of us has the unique ability to be a person of impact. Today, start to become aware that you are a person of impact.  Find a moment in your day where you are crossing someone else’s path and be...
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Jun 11, 2014

Time Management: Do You Need to Slow Down?

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For the past few years with my business, I have been pushing myself and loving every moment of it.  I still love it, but this year I am slowing down just a little.  While reflecting on what is important in my life, I realised that just being still can make a difference.

It was funny, but I was getting messages from a few different people around me.  My daughter was one, my business accountability buddy was another and a few other people.

I am still achieving, but I think in my ability to be slow, I am finding that I am more aware of what is really important.  I am combining many elements too and making sure that I am doing things that I love.

Action:  Take time to think about whether you need to slow down.

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Jun 11, 2014

Decision Making

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“It is the decisions you make when you have no time to make them that define who you are. Believing in yourself  is one of the first steps to success.” It really is important to believe in yourself, isn’t it? Believe in yourself no matter what other people think.  We should all decide what we can do, be and have.  Whatever we want in this world and the only person who can get you there is YOU!  It is in your thoughts; it is in your actions that you can make your dreams come true. Some simple steps that may help include: Set goals. When you set goals you know where you are heading Acknowledge when you achieve any small goal.  It helps to build your confidence in your own success. Have realistic expectations of...
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