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Jun 30, 2009

Its time to think about Christmas Shopping.

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The end of the financial year is a fantastic time to go Christmas shopping. Not because you have time on your hands, in fact it is to save time, save money and save stress. However like everything it is important to plan your shopping trip. It is time to think Christmas Shopping. So it’s important to have a plan. Planning First, consider who you have to buy Christmas gifts for. Think immediate family, extended family, kinder and school teachers, sporting coaches … spend time now making a complete list. Next, consider how much you would like to spend in total on Christmas gifts. Then consider how much you will spend on each gift. This will ensure you keep within your Christmas budget while shopping. Thirdly, take some time to think about what would be...
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Jan 29, 2009

Creating Goals and Focus for the Year Ahead

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We have all read the books, which say no goal is ever achieved unless it is visualised. Part of the visualization process can often be writing down the goals – being accountable. Following is a chart of the categories that can be considered in your goals for the New Year. These are in no specific order and you do not have to have goals in all areas if they are not relevant to you. Categories to consider Spiritual Family Work / Career Physical / Health Social Personal Rest and relaxation Business Plan / Life Guide Now we have a business plan – or a life guide. That is one step in the process to accomplishing our goals. But just as in business it is a great idea to break these goals down. Let’s break them down into monthly achievements as...
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Oct 30, 2008

Practical Staff Retention Ideas

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Following from last weeks blog regarding focusing on staff retention rather than recruitment I felt it was appropriate to provide some positive solutions or ideas. The objective is to create happy and loyal employees. Elements are taken from an article written by Nukte Ogun in May 2008. 1. Salary One of the biggest employee motivators, pay is what attracts us to most new positions and encourages us to stay. 2. Remuneration package Think about other perks, besides pay, which you could use to lure and keep staff, including salary sacrifice, bonus super and novated leases. 3. Respect Your grandmother had it right: treat others as you would like to be treated. 4. Resources Staff tire pretty quickly of faulty and out-of-date equipment. It doesn’t have to be the newest or the best (it’ll help if it is...
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