Dec 18, 2013

Christmas Planning – Final Countdown

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The house is cleaned, the gifts are wrapped, the decorations are up, most of the functions are out of the way. Wow – we got there. It is now the week before Christmas and it is time for the little details. It is time to: Buy some flowers Wrap the last presents Buy final perishable foods Check your camera and videos are charged Buy some batteries Have your last few days planned out so your head is clear Things to include in your final plan: Defrosting any meats Preparing the table Preparing any food that can be done early Make sure you have enough cutlery and crockery Get your clothes out and organised Get your sleep Plan Your Christmas Eve Spend time with the kids in the park so they are tired and will go to sleep early Have an...
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Dec 11, 2013

Enjoying Christmas – Theft

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Believe it or not, at this time of year, you aren’t the only busy person. Thieves are busy too. They know that houses are full of gifts and presents. At the same time, they have a busy schedule just after Christmas when everyone heads off on holidays. Lock the House We are busy and in and out of the house. I know this sounds basic, but make sure the doors are locked. Thieves are out and about and just trying doors is easy for them. Lock the Car When at shopping centres, it can be an ordeal just getting a car park. This means by the time we have a car park, we can jump out of the car and forget to lock the car. Break down boxes If you leave a large box out...
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Dec 4, 2013

Enjoying Christmas – Guard Your Health

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This time of year we all seem to push beyond our ‘normal’ limits. It is important for you to look after yourself. It is easy to abuse your health with parties, rich food, a busy schedule, less time for sleep, dropping or reducing the exercise routine. Some suggestions include: Food It is important to enjoy the festive season; however, be aware of what food you are eating. When not at functions and parties, be conscious of eating really well. Salads, fruit, and vegetables. When you are at functions and parties, try not to go there hungry. Eat something before you go so that you aren’t starving. Water Drink plenty of water all the time especially when you are at functions and events where alcohol will be served. Try to have a glass of water...
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Nov 27, 2013

Christmas Planning – Decorate the House

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Our aim is for this Christmas to be magical and enjoyable. That means it all comes down to the planning. The next few weeks will be tips to help you be organised this Christmas.

This week it is all about Decorating the House for Christmas. When decorating the house, the first step is to clean the house. Get everyone involved. Then once it is clean, it is time to decorate. As you clear for the decorations to be put up, declutter the house as you go. Don’t make this a massive element; just ask yourself whether you need these ornaments in the future.

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Nov 27, 2013

Enjoying Christmas – Spring Clean and Decorate for Christmas

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If you haven’t already done so, it is time to Spring Clean, DeClutter and Decorate the house. Wow, that seems like three big tasks. However, like everything we do, we break it down. Spring Clean It is time to think about the cleaning tasks that need to be done for the Christmas season. Do these tasks over the next few weeks if you can. Starting with the long lasting tasks. It may be organising for the carpet and curtains to be professionally cleaned. It may be a good solid dusting in the rooms that you will be entertaining in during the festive season. If you can outsource tasks then book them in. Keep in mind this is not a time for major home repair jobs, painting, redecorating or other big projects. Our...
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Apr 3, 2013

Supporting Others to be Their Best!

We hope you have been working hard and staying focused with your productivity. Remember, one of the reasons to invest the time is so you have more time to really enjoy your life.  Life is for living and making the time to enjoy yourself.  At our workshops, we have had a number of requests for other members to be able to connect with each other as well as brag and boast about the changes the planning has made to their lives. So to meet this request, we have set up a Facebook site where you can tell others about your individual unique solutions to becoming more productive. Shout your success! The benefits of this include: Inspiring others Sharing ideas Seeing solutions to a problem you may have Being able to boast Being proud of your results Making new friends Go to...
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Feb 5, 2013

Time Management – DeClutter and Take Back Control

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There are two ways to get enough;

One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.

G.K. Chesterton


What is your biggest clutter challenge?

What is the cost of not addressing this?

What is your aim?

What do you want your house, desk, and office to be like instead?

You can be in control.

We can’t control what is happening in the world, e.g. economic conditions, world events, unemployment, interest rates, political decisions, closer to home – we can’t control what is happening in others’ lives. What we can do is control what happens in our own environment, our own home.

How do you want to feel when you walk into your home, or when you wake up in the morning? Take a moment to visualise what you would like your home to look and feel like? It is important to start with the end in mind.


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Jun 27, 2012

Time to Create a Better Life Web Video

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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Would you like balance in your life? Do you procrastinate on tasks hoping they will disappear? Are you feeling exhausted¸ tired and frustrated? Do you have time for yourself? Do you feel that you are always “have to much to do?” Do you feel that life is a race? Our goals are to help manage your time, improve productivity and achieve balance to create a better life. We want you to be the best you can be and enjoy life by understanding it’s the decisions you make each and every day that lead to being more focused¸ productive and balanced. We are passionate about educating you with the skills to become organised¸ clutter free and prioritise what is important so you have more TIME to enjoy yourself. Log onto our website at for articles, resources, workshops, courses and books.

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Jun 27, 2012

Time to Create a Better Life Book Launch

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Time to Create a Better Life – How to become effective, efficient and focused is a book by Michele Tocci. If you find you are always rushing around. Can’t get it all done. Juggling twenty balls and it never seems to stop. You slam up against deadlines, everything is last minute, pay extra for next day delivery, apologise again, then spend half an hour hunting through drawers an piles exhausted. That’s not how you want your life to be. Time to Create a Better Life will teach you the secret. In twelve weeks, twelve simple habits will transform your life from chaos to calm.

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