Time to Create a Better Life Book

How to become effective, efficient and focused.

Michele_Book_in_3DWe all deserve to enjoy and love our life. This book will teach you how you can make that happen. Do you find you are rushing around? Can’t get it all done. Juggling twenty balls and it never seems to stop. You slam up against deadlines, everything’s last minute, pay extra for next-day delvery, apologise again, then spend half an hour hunting through drawers and piles, exhausted. That’s not how you want life to be. So how do some people’s lives run like a well-oiled machine? The bill’s always paid, the deadline’s met ahead of schedule, their home ticks like clockwork. They never seem to run out of milk, loo paper, or time. They get more done, but they seem more relaxed. What’s the secret? Time to Create a Better Life will teach you the secret. In twelve weeks, twelve simple habits will transform your life from chaos to calm. You’ll learn to . . .

  • take control of your time for the life you want
  • function at your best every day
  • set goals and priorities that work for you
  • clean out the stress, clutter and procrastination
  • take time for you

Would you like . . .

  • to gain more control over your week?
  • to know how to get more done?
  • to know how to increase your energy levels?
  • to know how to prioritise?
  • to know how to plan?
  • to be calmer?
  • to be less stressed?
  • more time for yourself?

Extra time each week What would you do with that time?

  • Exercise
  • Swim
  • Catch up with friends
  • Read
  • Relax
  • Recharge
  • Have a bath
  • Take up a hobby

This book will help you gain more control, become more efficient and effective and Create More Time to live the life you dream.

  • Learn in your own time
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Review topics to gain more understanding

This book is now available You can purchase immediately using the link below or read on for further information.

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What’s it all about?

Creating more time in your day by developing new positive habits.

My goal is to help you create a better life.

You’re never too young or too old to make changes in your life so that it’s a more enjoyable life. We’ll guide you and give you thoughts, processes, tips, techniques and strategies as well as asking questions for you to ponder but ultimately nothing with ever change unless you take ACTION!

“Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week.” ~Charles Richards

The Story Behind the Book

michele-tocciI wasn’t always organised. I let me friends arrange the catch ups; I left jobs until I really had to do them. I handed my university assignments just in time. One day my husband commented on my ability to procrastinate. I didn’t even realise I did it. I felt hurt and humiliated. I wanted to prove him wrong and that was when I turned my life around. I was no longer reactive, I became proactive. Always one step ahead. It has been the best thing that ever happened to me. If I can do it you can too. The key was the new positive habits and systems that I developed. Now I am the person who is super organised. My friends envy the way I am in control, happy, fit and calm. This book will help you do that too. I use all of these techniques, strategies and habits both for work and home.

How to Create More Time

Imagine being the person at work who is super organised. The one all your work colleagues praise because You’re always ‘on-top’ of your work. Imagine being the person your friends look up to because you are the one who organises the gatherings, keeps in touch with everyone. Imagine being the person who is fit and healthy, who has time for exercise.

Imagine being the person who has the marketing report ready before the boss has asked for it. The one who can talk about Christmas in September with a smile on their face because it no longer overwhelms and frightens you.


The first four chapters are the foundation:

1. Respect and Manage Time
2. Take Responsibility
3. Accept the Power to Choose
4. Developing a Clear Direction

Michele_Book_in_3DThe next four chapters are the core of time management:

5. How to function at your best
6. Prioritising
7. Planning
8. Delegating

The last four chapters are additional steps that will make a difference:

9. DeClutter and Take Back Time
10. Stress Reduction
11. Overcoming Procrastination
12. Time for You

Each chapter has:

  • Examples, stories or parables
  • Tips, techniques and strategies to improve and move forward
  • Positive habits

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Respect and Manage Your Time

At the end of the day have you ever thought to yourself “wow, I was busy all day but I don’t feel like I achieved anything” or “today was a great day, I got loads done!” What caused the difference in the outcome? Both were busy days but one felt unproductive and the other was productive? The difference usually lies in the fact that you got the most important tasks done. That’s why you feel good. It was productive work, not just “busy” work.

timeWhen you understand how you use your time you will be more aware of using the time to do the things that are most important.

We will cover:

  • How you spend your time
  • What are your time wasters?
  • Where does time go?
  • What we can eliminate?
  • What we can delegate?
  • Analyse how we use our time
  • Reduce time wasters

Take Responsibility

what-ifIt’s important to remember that no one can control time, however we understand that what we can control is how we spend our time. We have to understand we can’t control what occurs in the world, we can’t control political events, we can’t control interest rates, what we can control is how we react to these situations. We’ll discuss who controls your life, what’s it you want from your life and what you can do to take responsibility for your own life. It’s about the small decisions you make every day and accepting responsibility for the consequences of those decisions.

We will cover:

  • Who controls your life?
  • Are you living your life according to others?
  • When have you let others control you?
  • How can you take back control?
  • You have the freedom to choose?

Accept the Power to Choose

The power to choose is what gives us the opportunity to create a different life! As an individual you have the power to choose. do-it-nowWe have a basic desire to improve our lives. Thousands of years ago, Aristotle said, “You are what you repeatedly do.” Are you going to keep repeating what you’re doing and not change or move forward, or are you going to take time and identify ways that you can improve your life?

“An ounce of action is worth a tonne of theory.” ~Friedrich Engels

We will cover:

  • Excuses
  • Inspirational examples
  • How fear can hold you back
  • Why you are never too old
  • All you need is within you
  • Achieving Your Outcomes

Develop a Clear Direction

To develop a clear direction we need to set goals. As individuals we actually set goals all the time such as I have 1 hour to do the grocery shopping, today I’ll get the washing done, I’ll do the ironing, I’ll go for a 5 km walk, or I’ll eat 3 pieces of fruit.

develop-a-clear-directionBut we want to set goals that give us long term direction, focus and motivation to keep going, move forward, and persevere.

Once you have established your goals the next action to successful goals setting is working out how to achieve your goal. A great place to start is to make notes on paper, drawing a road map to your success.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else. ~Yogi Berra

We will cover:

  • Why are goals important?
  • Focus on what matters
  • Wheel of Life
  • How should we set goals?
  • Taking action
  • Having a super day every day
  • Celebrating success

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How to Function at Your Best

How-to-Function-at-Your-BestAll of us have a “prime time” in the day; when you feel good, focused and productive. For some it’s early morning, while for others it’s later in the day or even those who come alive in the evening. The idea is to consider when you function at your best and schedule your daily routine according to your energy cycles.

We will cover:

  • Energy Management not time management
  • How to increase your energy levels
  • Rest and recovery is the key
  • Our daily cycle
  • Being the best we can be
  • Positive habits
  • How to be super productive


Having balance and being organised is more than scheduling the “have-to-do” items in your life. They’re certainly important however we want to focus and schedule time for the “want-to” items – those things we would do “if we had more time.” Our aim is to prioritise all the items and activities that are on your ‘to-do’ list and give direction as to when and how you can schedule what you should and would love to be doing.

PrioritisingStephen Covey said in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” we need to “put first things first.” We need to give priority to what’s most important to reach our goals, over the many other things on our “to-do” list. We need to make conscious choices about the order our tasks are completed in. We need to maintain direction, momentum and focus.

We will cover:

  • Deciding what’s crucial and not crucial
  • How to prioritise your day
  • The Time Management Matrix
  • Say ‘no’
  • The ‘not to do’ list


Planning involves thinking about the activities that you have to do and the activities that you want to do. It involves making time for the key steps that will move you towards achieving your short and long term goals. It’s taking the time to make the best use of your time. To structure your week or day so that work is completed in order of importance and in due time.

PlanningResearch has shown that for every minute you spend planning you save between tern minutes to two hours. Part of planning means guessing or estimating. Estimating how long a job will take, estimating if the next step [action] you have identified is the next step to logically complete a job.

We will cover:

  • The Key – Weekly Planning
  • Daily Planning
  • Increasing your focus
  • Chunking
  • Batching tasks
  • Multi-tasking
  • Decisions


If you don’t already use delegation as a time management tool by the time you have finished this section you’ll have a full understanding of the benefits of delegating. Delegating should be used both at work and home.

DelegatingDon’t confuse delegating jobs with telling people what to do. Have you ever heard parents complain that the children don’t do what they ask? That’s fair enough from a child’s point of view they may see it differently. A child may interpret the delegation as “whenever I’m sitting watching television mum always interrupts me and tells me to do stuff.”

The difference with delegation is that you don’t “tell someone to do stuff” you give them responsibility and ownership of regular routine work such ordering the stationery, collecting feedback from clients, updating clients with their job progress or order.

We will cover:

  • Delegating – The Good, the Bad
  • The Delegation Process
  • Time Saving Benefits

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DeClutter and Take Back Time

declutterWe’re well aware that as an individual we cannot control what’s happening in the world, such as economic conditions, world events, weather patterns, unemployment, interest rates, and political decisions. Closer to home we can’t control what’s happening in others’ lives however what we can do is control what happens in our own environment, our own life and our own home and work space.

This chapter will define clutter, then look into the negative effects clutter has on us and the positive effects of dealing with clutter. We then consider the ways to deal with our clutter and of course, prevention strategies. Unless we have
prevention strategies then we can end up back where we started.

We will cover:

  • What is clutter?
  • The Effects of Clutter
  • DeClutter Action Plan
  • Preventing Clutter Coming Back

Stress Reduction

Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands that’s why most of us want to simplify and organise our lives. When we do manage to simplify our lives it makes it easier to manage the stressors. We’re being proactive to prevent or at the very least minimise our stress. Thischapter will look at the causes of stress, the effect of stress on you and your body, your possible responses to stress. Then we look at ways we can manage, reduce and deal with stress.

stressStress isn’t always bad, in small doses it can help you focus, work more efficiently and perform better however it’s when we’re operating in a stressful mode consistently that it can affect our mind and body as well as the people around us.

The aim is to recognise when you’re stressed, understand the symptoms that stress may be causing to your body and implement steps to reduce stress.

We will cover:

  • Causes of Stress
  • Effects of Stress
  • Responses to Stress
  • Managing Stress
  • Dealing with Overwhelm
  • Dealing with Worry

Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming-ProcrastinationWe’ll cover what happens when we procrastinate, what the causes and excuses may be, the benefits to overcoming procrastination and strategies to conquer procrastination. It’s important to be able to recognise when you’re wasting your own or someone else’s time. By understanding the actions and behaviours behind procrastination you’ll then be able to implement the skills to change your behaviour when you find yourself procrastinating.

Procrastination is to keep delaying something that must be done. Many people may use procrastination as a way of coping with the anxiety that may be associated with starting or completing a task or decision.

We will cover:

  • What happens when we procrastinate
  • Procrastination tactics and excuses
  • Causes of procrastination
  • Overcoming procrastination

Time for You

Time-for-YouTo achieve balance and happiness it’s important to actually make sure within the weekly schedule you created that you have allocated time for you. That’s leaving space for flexibility so that you can include activities that you enjoy, that relax and recharge your batteries. By taking time for yourself, the benefits will flow to everyone whether that’s your boss, your work colleagues, your staff, your partner or your children and of course you.

We will cover:

  • Important or Selfish
  • Resistance and Obstacles
  • Resistance
  • What could you do?
  • Being the best for others
  • How to have ‘me-time’
  • Protecting your ‘me-time’

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Testimonials from the Workshops

Maria Trettel

Properties 4 Rent

Hi Michele,

Thank you so much for the fantastic seminar you ran for us. I feel very grateful that we know you and what I have learnt from you is incredible.

You are an amazing lady and your enthusiasm and passion for you what you do is inspiring.

At the moment, it’s like I am changing the “cogs” of the thinking and my thought patterns to create a better life! I am aware that it will take time, and am remembering to be being kind to myself. However, I feel that positive changes have already started and I am excited.

Thanks again for your time & for the “extra listening section” that was thrown in as well.

I was on a real “high” after you left, as I can now see an amazing FUN journey ahead of me.

You have taught me so much.

Grazie tantissimo!


Workshop Participant

Hi Michele, just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that I have had a couple of weeks off annual leave from work, and have invested some of the time to clearing out some of my clothes and getting rid of some of the clutter, I have done quite a lot and it feels fantastic and enlightening, but I have still a far bit to go, like going thru my wardrobe and throwing clothes out, I can no longer fit into.

I don’t believe how relieved a person can feel.

Matt Cornell

Programs Librarian -Monash Public Library Service / Oakleigh Team Leader

Just wanted to send you a huge thank you for the session today. Stephanie tells me it was an amazing (and packed) session; I wish I could have made it. She said it was very well received and that you are a wonderful presenter. All the feedback has been amazing.

Would you be interested in coming back at a later date? We have our annual literature festival between May-August, but after that we book our other fun events (like your session). Would you be available if I were to contact you later in the year?


Workshop Participant

I just threw out 30 clothing items, tidied up three drawers and threw tons of paper out and organised the toy crates. I need to do more drawers. The hallway cupboard and then organise the drawer items into files, books, brochures and so on. I still want to work on the wardrobe.

Thanks so much. I am telling people about your talk.

Rosalie Griffiths

Urban Sensations

My home office consisted of an old kitchen table with a computer on it. There was very little space to actually do any work at the desk, as it was cluttered – not just with Urban Sensations items, but also with family related items. My filing systems were basic – to say the least. It was very clear to me that I simply didn’t have time (or the desire) to get my home office functioning as a home office. I was overwhelmed by what needed to be done and I was in the busiest part of the year – the pre-Christmas rush! I needed someone to organise it for me.

Thankfully, I engaged lifestyle refocus to come and help change a cluttered space into a desirable home office. During our initial discussions, it became apparent that 2 major changes were required –

1. I needed a desk that I could actually work at
2. I needed storage space and a filing system that would work for me.

So, the next step was easy, Michele and Silvana went and looked at several office furniture combinations and provided me with a short list of three. Having looked at these options myself, I chose the one that I liked the best. After the furniture had arrived, Michele and Silvana spent a day with me – sorting through all the files (culling a lot of unwanted items), creating a filing system that I could use and making the space work for me. I now have a fully functioning home office, which I thoroughly enjoying working in. I now actually have room to work in my office and my filing systems are still working for me – some 5 months later. Even after the project was complete, Michele and Silvana followed up with me to ensure that the systems that were put in place were working for me. Of course the best part is that without all the clutter and with a filing system in place, I am so much happier and more productive than I have ever been.

Penny Phillips

Interior Design Solutions

Dear Rosalie and Karen, thanks for the inspiring seminar, I found it both informative and enjoyable. I was lucky enough to win a 2 hour consultation with Michele Tocci from lifestylerefocus. She came yesterday and we spent 2 hours de-cluttering and planning my study space. She was a great help. Thanks, I look forward to catching up with you again in the future, best wishes, Penny.

Helen Devaraj

Workshop Participant

Thanks for this email and the others. . . I found your info. on planning very helpful. I belong to a book group and armed with that info. I’ve been able to finish the book, in a more leisurely fashion, instead of hyperventilating while finishing the book, at the last minute!
All the best,


Workshop Participant

Dear Michelle,

Please keep your fantastic newsletters coming, as they keep me “on track”.

You always have the perfect things for me to “hear” each time… thank you.

Best wishes,


Workshop Participant

Hi Michele,

Thank you so much for these notes and also the ’Clearing The Clutters Options’ today. They are very useful indeed! I have printed both out to read and to refer to.

I have started with my fridge! Am feeling so guilty throwing away large quantity of expensive dates, almonds and other expensive nuts … Meant to make Biscotti, Bishop’s Cake ( a kind of rich fruit cake ), Panforte, Greek Shortbread Crescents, Tiramisu etc. etc. ….
Also packets of various curry powder – for fish, for meat….. a few dating back to 2006!!

Thanks for conducting the De-Clutter Workshop. There are many strategies/tips I do not know though I had thought I knew quite a bit about de-cluttering already!? I find it very detailed and helpful. You had done a very good presentation. Thanks.


Geraldine Farrell

Box Hill South Neighbourhood House

Thanks so much for conducting the workshop here last week. Looking at the feedback forms your workshop was very well received!



Action Drafting

Thanks Michele

Tethered a pen to my desk already and feel that that’s one problem I won’t have to have again.

I will be using earphones regularly from now on.

I know it will help me.

Thanks for your time.


Alison Jones

Workshop Participant

Thank you for your on-going contact via this newsletter. I enjoy reading it and newsletters like this one really help to stop and reflect and refocus. Very valuable. I have done a lot in sorting through and throwing out the stuff in my life. One of the benefits is that I am now inviting more people into my home (my mother, family, and friends) for dinner, coffee etc. because it does not take so many hours to make the space habitable, clean etc. as it did before and i am not so embarrassed by mess. i am enjoying this.

I have set up expectations in the people I live with and in myself above what I have actually achieved, but they are still on the to do list. ( and the magazines are getting out of control again!) but at least I am more aware of problems and solutions than I once was. And most of the horizontal spaces that I cleared are sacrosanct and have not re-ac cumulated clutter. Just thought you would like some feedback, thank you again,

Sonia Hartley

Focus Plus Management

“Michele, Lifestyle Refocus, has been a wonderful inspiration for our business. Her understanding of workflows and suggestions for improvements has been most beneficial.

Michele’s sessions, in our workplace, have allowed us to see a different perspective of our business and our systems, which has been invaluable”.

Sue Brown

Compassionate Friends Victoria

I want to say a very big ‘Thank You’ to you and your wonderful presentation, which ALL the Volunteers thoroughly enjoyed and were very happy to go and put into practice, what they learnt!!!

I will post the notes to the 2 Volunteers listed, as I have to post out the roster for March as well.

Thank you once again and I am sure you will get a couple of people calling you for a little ‘assistance’ a little later on.

Warm Regards

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My Promise to You

You will get a no questions asked refund
if you decide that this book isn’t right for you.


The aim of this e-course is clear. But if you find that it does not suit you then send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I will send you a complete refund, no questions asked.

I know you will love the information
and it will change you in so many ways
but I want you to be confident about your purchase
which is why I am offering this
30 day money back guarantee.

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Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who would like more control over their day.

It’s for people who –

  • want to create a better life
  • want balance
  • want to find time for fitness
  • want to spend time with their family
  • are overwhelmed by their ‘to-do’ list
  • just want to slow down
  • are stressed
  • procrastinate
  • are overwhelmed by clutter
  • never have time for themselves
  • don’t know where they are going
  • are exhausted
  • are disorganised
  • always have urgent things to do
  • are reactive
  • don’t spend enough time with their friends
  • want to spend more time doing the things they love rather than just the things theyhave to do

Persuaded to Write this Book

I conduct workshops on productivity, time management and clutter
and have so many people that have attended my workshops
and they just want more
and told me again and again I should write a book.


Time Quotes

Many fine things can be done in a day
if you don’t always make that day

~ Unknown