Lily Khor

Workshop Participant

Thank you so much for these notes and also the ’Clearing The Clutters Options’ today. They are very useful indeed! I have printed both out to read and to refer to.

I have started with my fridge! Am feeling so guilty throwing away large quantity of expensive dates, almonds and other expensive nuts … Meant to make Biscotti, Bishop’s Cake ( a kind of rich fruit cake), Panforte, Greek Shortbread Crescents, Tiramisu etc. etc. …. Also packets of various curry powder -for fish, for meat….. a few dating back to 2006!!

Thanks for conducting the De-Clutter Workshop. There are many strategies/tips I do not know though I had thought I knew quite a bit about de-cluttering already!? I find it very detailed and helpful. You had done a very good presentation.



Stephanie Jang

Workshop Participant

I just threw out 30 clothing items, tidied up three drawers and threw tons of paper out and organised the toy crates. I need to do more drawers. The hallway cupboard and then organise the drawer items into files, books, brochures and so on. I still want to work on the wardrobe.

Thanks so much. I am telling people about your talk.

Best Wishes

Geraldine Farrell

Box Hill South Neighbourhood House

Thanks so much for conducting the workshop here last week. Looking at the feedback forms your workshop was very well received!


Mick Robinson

Action Drafting

Thanks Michele
Tethered a pen to my desk already and feel that that’s one problem I won’t have to have again.
I will be using earphones regularly from now on.

I know it will help me.

Thanks for your time.

Alison Jones

Workshop Participant

Thank you for your on-going contact via this newsletter. I enjoy reading it and newsletters like this one really help to stop and reflect and refocus. Very valuable. I have done a lot in sorting through and throwing out the stuff in my life. One of the benefits is that I am now inviting more people into my home (my mother, family, and friends) for dinner, coffee etc. because it does not take so many hours to make the space habitable, clean etc. as it did before and I am not so embarrassed by mess. I am enjoying this.

I have set up expectations in the people I live with and in myself above what I have actually achieved, but they are still on the to do list. ( and the magazines are getting out of control again!) but at least I am more aware of problems and solutions than I once was. And most of the horizontal spaces that I cleared are sacrosanct and have not re-ac cumulated clutter.

Just thought you would like some feedback,

thank you again,


Time Quotes

Nothing is a waste of time,
if you use the experience wisely.

~ Rodin (1840 – 1917)