Jul 12, 2012

Power to Choose

We constantly make choices every day. If we set a goal of health and fitness which means we exercise every morning, then that needs to become our priority, we have the power to choose what we do. When the alarm goes off of a morning, we have a choice – we can stay in that nice warm bed and grab another hour of sleep or we can get up and exercise and be on the path to achieving our goals. It is always our choice. Thousands of years ago, Aristotle said, “You are what you repeatedly do.”  So are you going to keep repeating what you are currently doing and not change or move forward, or are you going to take some time and identify ways that you can improve...
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Jul 5, 2012

Respecting and Managing Time

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At the end of the day have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, I was busy all day, but I don’t feel like I achieved anything,” or “Today was a great day; I got loads done!” What caused the difference in the outcome? Both were busy days, but one felt unproductive and the other was productive. The difference usually lies in the fact that you got the most important tasks done. That’s why you feel good. It was a productive day, not just “being busy.” Many of us underestimate the value of time and take it for granted because time just goes on and on. We often say ‘we’ll do it tomorrow’ or ‘l’ll do that when I have time’. What we don’t understand is that time is a valuable...
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Jun 28, 2012

Setting Boundaries

We often say “yes” to some projects, tasks or meetings when we really should be saying no. It’s up to us as an individual to set our own boundaries. At times we say “yes” because: We want to help We don’t like being rude We don’t like conflict We worry if you say ‘no’ this time they may not ask you again We  feel you may be offending others We  feel someone might not like you We often find it more difficult to say “no” to a request from an adult. That can be because we all like to help and contribute, and that should be important, but it needs to be balanced with our other urgent and important tasks. When we’re clear on our priorities, it gives us the courage to say ‘no’ in a pleasant...
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Jun 18, 2012

Time Management – Delaying Tasks

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We are all well aware that life is busy. At times it may feel like it’s far too busy for us to keep up. This means that we can put off tasks that should be done. Putting off tasks is not necessarily the same as procrastination. To put off a task is to know that you have to do it and continue to put it off. The following are some tips to help you moved forward. Identify the task that you are putting off and do the task. Don’t start or do anything else until you have done that task. If the task is something that is too difficult, you don’t have the skills, or even too trivial then consider delegating or outsourcing. At the beginning of each day most time management experts...
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Mar 24, 2012

Has the Weekend become a Blur?

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Our childhood memories are made up of spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles and family friends on a hot Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed a meal outdoors, kicked a ball, ate watermelon, were free to get dirty, climbed trees, played family cricket, and went bush walking. When was the last time you did this with your children? It is no wonder we don’t have time to create these memories for our children, have you considered what we try and juggle and manage in our everyday lives? Today’s modern life of a flexible workforce, technology which enable us to work from anywhere at any time, managing a home, giving to our community and the never ending pursuit to better ourselves personally and professionally. This is what we all try to juggle and...
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Oct 29, 2011

Get Business Tool

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I have been blogging for a couple of years now and one of the things I could never do was add you tube videos or audio that I felt may be relevant to my blogging community. I have found the solution. It is software called JCopia. It’s not just for You Tube, you can also use it to download video and audio from flash players on internet sites like Google Video, MySpace, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Break, and other Blog sites of course. Where ever audio and video content is embedded. Just play your media online and watch as JCopia saves any clip, music or movie to your computer. If you want it you can download and install from Or lLearn more what is included in JCopia 4.7.11466 on I know I don’t...
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Aug 21, 2011

Imagining only owning 100 things!

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I read an article by Kristin Tillotson from the Star Tribune in Minneapolis where she wrote of a family that are really trying to live green, save money and be free. Think about what is the minimum number of items you could live with and how different your life would be with only the minimum. This Swindlehurt’s family is breaking tradition and really going against the grain of current society by getting rid of as much stuff as they can. Simplifying their lives Apparently there is a National movement in America of people who are simplifying their lives – and imagine the difference on your savings by eliminating as many possessions as you can and resisting buying anything else. It is linked towards green living, The Swindlehurt’s who the article focused on said that...
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Jun 4, 2011

Managing your energy allows you to get more done

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Last blog we discussed how exercise can help you be more productive. This week we are looking at our energy cycles again. During the day our bodies go through an energy cycle every 90 to 120 minutes. We should be scheduling our tasks around that body rhythm. That is we focus and concentrate on our work for 90 to 120 minutes then do less important work for a rest and recovery break. This type of work includes emails, some calls and perhaps even some meetings. Our energy cycle is not just physical energy either. Other elements include our emotional energy and mental energy. Therefore to work at our peak productivity some of the ways to look after ourselves includes: Physical energy Sleep Nutrition Hydration Exercise Recovery Emotional energy Positive relationships Do not worry about what you cannot change Enjoyment Recovery Mental energy Positive thoughts Personal...
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May 19, 2011

Exercise and Increase Your Productivity

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Many of us are aware that during the night we have a rhythm to our sleep – light sleep, deep sleep . . . however did you know that during the day our bodies also have a rhythm? Take note as to how you work during the day, once you commence work do you find you can get going but later in the day between 2.30 to 3.30 you start to feel sluggish. Well that is your body rhythm telling you that it is fatiguing. It is during this period of time when you are start to lose concentration and you will know because of the signs and signals your body gives you such as fidgeting, self-distraction, hunger, thirst, looking for easy distractions, not doing the work you really should be...
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Apr 7, 2011

Developing and Establishing Good Habits

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To make changes in our life we need to change some of our habits and routines. This means replacing our existing habits and routines with more positive habits and routines. When the going gets tough it is our habits that get us through. So what are the areas of your life that you need to tweak and change? Do you realise that how you live your life is actually based on decisions you have made? Wow that may be a little bit confrontational really. It is much easier to look for someone else to blame for the areas of our life that are frustrating us or not satisfying us. So once you have identified an area to change then we need to make the changes part of our daily routine. When...
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