Strategies to Clear My Mind – The Power of Solitude

  • How much sleep are you getting?
  • Sleep is actually a very important function of and for the brain.
  • We need to generate enough sleep to feel rested, to have energy, to assist with mood, and to even help us think more clearly.
  • Go to sleep the same time each day and wake up the same time each morning.
  • Sleep helps our energy levels and helps us think more clearly.


Planning Quiet Moments

The Power of Solitude

When was the last time you sat and stared off into space?

Did you get into trouble for that as a child, for daydreaming in class? For being absent of mind, even though present in body?

Maybe that’s why we resist it now…

Take a moment (not while driving!) and just let your mind drift. Watch the clouds move in the sky. Watch people walk past you on the street.

Let your mind wander. Don’t tell your thoughts where to go.

It’s amazing where we can go if we let go … even if only for a minute.


The brain benefits from quiet moments during the day:

A quiet moment does not involve any goal, task completion, or endpoint.

It is about process and about being in the here and now.

Allow your brain to shut down and to turn inward.

Allow your brain to freely roam and to explore ideas and feelings that get shut out with structure and task driven behaviour.

Your most creative moments will come from such experiences.

It might mean a walk, sitting on a bench or under a tree, or playing an instrument.

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