Strategies to Clear My Mind – The Cycle of Completion is a Method to Clear the Clutter Mentally

The Cycle of Completion

  • The cycle of completion is a method to clear clutter mentally
  • Answer this question if you will. How many objectives, projects and tasks do you have sitting on your plate right now?
  • How many uncompleted past projects do you have lingering around in your head?

15 completed projects have more power than 45 partially completed ones. Let’s begin going through the cycle of completion.

  • Begin to clear clutter by listing all of your uncompleted tasks, personal commitments, objectives and projects on a sheet of paper
  • You are now ready to begin making decisions about these items
  • Jack Canfield, author of the Success Principles Journey (this is where this idea comes from) suggests deciding in one of the following manners:
    • Ditch – the project gets tossed
    • Delegate – outsource the project
    • Action – complete it
    • File – file it away for future date
  • Listing and deciding which uncompleted projects is the first step to clear clutter from your mind.

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