Strategies to Clear My Mind – Schedules are the Answer

All in Good Time: Schedules

  • Alleviate some of your mental stress by creating a schedule.
  • When you have all tasks organized and planned out, with free time added in between, a significant amount of tension will be lifted.
  • You will live more efficiently and suffer from fewer overwhelming moments.
  • You cannot plan for everything, and schedules must be altered from time to time.
  • However, having a solid schedule for the things you know you must do, prioritized by importance, can make a huge difference in your mental stress.
  • Plus, this is a great way of guaranteeing you have time set aside to practice your mind-decluttering techniques.
  • Have a monthly schedule, which turns into a weekly plan which turns into a daily to-do list.

Enter the Matrix – this is how to determine what tasks need to be prioritized.

Draw a square and divide it into quarters.

On one side, write: “Urgent” and “Not Urgent”; on the other, write: “Important” and “Not Important.”

Prioritize the things that are Urgent and important, then Important and Not Urgent.

Why? Because you want to do the things that matter most first before you get sucked into the things that matter less.


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