Strategies to Clear My Mind – Periodic Brain Dump

Thinking on Paper to Dump Your State of Mind
When you dump your state on paper you can:

  • stop trying to remember what you were thinking about
  • focus on what you want to do about it
  • or whether you can just let it go
  • or prioritize

When it’s on paper, you free your mind.

When it’s on paper you can slice it and dice it in a more effective way, or sort it in a way that works for you, instead of against you.

Thinking on paper is how you go from soup to sanity.

Example of a Periodic Brain Dump
Here’s a quick example of a periodic brain dump.

  • Weed the garden
  • Clear out son’s room
  • Downsize book collection
  • Clean the gutters on the house
  • Add a border to the back lawn
  • Take down the tree

That was step one. It’s random and it’s just a quick dump of my top of mind things.

Step two would be sorting it and analyzing it against what I want to accomplish.

Today’s Assignment

  1. Dump your brain.  Simply make a list and dump out everything that’s top of mind or tugging at your thoughts.
  2. Take a moment to enjoy the fact that you uncluttered your mind and gave it some breathing room.  Let yourself play with the possibilities.
  3. If you’re really feeling gung-ho, then review your list and find some low hanging fruit.  For example, the simplest thing on my list is shredding papers, and I enjoy it, so I’m going to tackle that.  For the other things, I’ll have to step back, prioritize against what I want to accomplish, and then make a simple plan.

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