Strategies to Clear My Mind – Eliminating Worry

Cross Out the Non-Essentials

Yup, this is our clever next step. Why? Because crossing off what you don’t have to do can make the hours and days ahead much less complicated than they seem right now.

Sometimes it is that simple to keep our lives on track. If something isn’t working, fix it. If you’re spending time with negative people, DON’T. They will bring you down and suck the energy right out of you.

The longer you delay dealing with your worry, stress, self-doubt, and negative self-talk, the sooner it will rot and cause weaknesses in other areas of your life such as your health, career, family and relationships.

Our Worries

What do we worry about? Pleasing everyone, things that happened in the past (water under the bridge), health issues, money, job, love, etc. Studies indicate that most of our worries never come true. And when we spend long periods of time worrying, we are releasing chemicals into our bodies that can cause physical symptoms that range from headaches to high-blood pressure. The long-term effects of worrying can increase the risk of heart conditions as well as heartache caused by loneliness. Who wants to be around someone who is always depressed and worried?

List your three greatest worries.

List one empowering action you will take to eliminate each worry.

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