You can be in control!


When we let other people control our life we are passing control of our thoughts, mood, and experiences onto other people who are out of our control. When this occurs we are living a reactive life. The benefit of letting others control us is that we have someone else to blame – and that feels good.

The alternative action is that we could take responsibility for our self.

Are you living your life according to what others want?

We can automatically spend our lives living up to the standards of others instead of taking the time to work out what we want. For example:

  • The man who has spent 25 years working as a lawyer because his father was a lawyer. He never changed his profession even though he had the ability, skills and drive to be a professional tennis player
  •  The mother of five children who feels that she’s less successful than other mothers because she is not a career woman and takes on board what the media says about stay at home mums
  • The young adolescent who exercises and diets because the models in the magazines constantly remind her she’s not a size 8 and therefore not a beauty by today’s standards
  • The musician who has a regular government job in finance because his parents told him to “get a real job” yet his passion was and always has been music
  •  The young basketballer who never reached her full potential because her parents focused on her mistakes in the game rather than all the really good plays she made
  • The 45 year old father of three children who is still hoping one day his father will congratulate him on what he has achieved rather than point out what his failings are

Take some time and think about times when you have let others control your life?

How did it make you feel?

Do you still let others control your life?

What steps can you do so that you are in control of your life?

Who is going to have the biggest effect on your future?

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