Supporting Others to be Their Best!

We hope you have been working hard and staying focused with your productivity. Remember, one of the reasons to invest the time is so you havecloset-declutter more time to really enjoy your life.

 Life is for living

and making the time

to enjoy yourself.

 At our workshops, we have had a number of requests for other members to be able to connect with each other as well as brag and boast about the changes the planning has made to their lives. So to meet this request, we have set up a Facebook site where you can tell others about your individual unique solutions to becoming more productive. Shout your success!

The benefits of this include:

  • Inspiring others
  • Sharing ideas
  • Seeing solutions to a problem you may have
  • Being able to boast
  • Being proud of your results
  • Making new friends

Go to

If you have a Facebook account, log in.

If you do not have a Facebook account, then register and set up an account.

Search for “LifeStyle Refocus” or our email address on Facebook which is

Become a fan or ‘Like’ us.

It would be fantastic if we added value to others with ideas, tips, and solutions to improve productivity, clear the clutter and inspiring stories of success.

Feel free to post your photos into the Photos area if you have more than one as this means it becomes an album and we can all view the project from start [before shots] to the end [after shots].


Let’s celebrate creating a better life – brag and boast together!

Thank you and I look forward to sharing more tips, strategies and skills to support you to be more organised so that you too can create a better life.

“Be an inspiration to yourself and

you will be an inspiration to others.”

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