Reclaim Your Power

Take chargeYou have the power to live more frequently Above the Line and to only make brief visits Below the Line.

To briefly provide an understanding of what I meant about above and below the line, I want you to picture a line and above the line, written are:

  • Take responsibility
  • Think of solutions
  • Look for the lessons
  • Keep my power

Below the line are written the words:

  • Blame others
  • Make excuses
  • Whinge
  • Victim (give my power away)

It can be tough acting “Above the Line”. That’s why the majority don’t do it most of the time. That is why people selling “Magic Bullet” products do so well. You know, the products that promise you will make a heap of money without doing any work? Of course it takes effort and persistence to succeed but that is nowhere as sexy on a sales letter. That’s why so many people get disappointed because they thought they were buying a solution but what they were really buying was hope. They thought by handing over money, they could transfer the responsibility for their success to someone else.

Don’t give your power to others. Reclaim your power and accept that if you are to succeed, it is YOUR responsibility. It is up to YOU to implement the programs you are studying. Up to YOU to ask questions of your mentors if you have trouble implementing. Up to YOU to challenge yourself to not act like a victim and look at what you DO have the power to do.

Can I change?

Can I make dramatic changes in the way I live? Is it possible to change self-defeating thoughts and behaviours that have been my constant companion for as long as I can remember? Can I really do a U-turn and deprogram myself when I’ve never known any other way to think and act? I’ve been depressed (or stubborn, overweight, scared, clumsy, unlucky, or any other description you choose to insert here) my entire life. Is it even feasible or practical for me to contemplate removing these old and familiar ways of being and open myself up to a brand-new me?

Your beliefs, all of those formless energy patterns that you’ve adopted as your self-image, have the ability to change dramatically and give you the power to conquer unwanted traits, or what you unhappily presume to be your fate.

Why not give it a go? What have you got to lose? You can stay where you are and nothing will change or you can take a chance that by changing something, even something small, your life will start to be different.

Take back your power and take charge of your life. Live life on your terms, with your dreams.

“Be an inspiration to yourself
and you will be an inspiration to others.”


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