Is your planning system up to scratch?

I have personally had a really busy 6 week period and my routine has been totally changed by what has been going on. I was asked to project manage a project for a firm which would take 3 to 4 weeks. This meant working full time for the firm then in my spare time chipping away at what needed to be completed for the business.

Well how did it all go?

Firstly, I love managing the project and whilst all did not go according to plan the delays were elements way beyond my control. I was waiting for shipments from India and China to come in and they were not arriving at the anticipated time this extended the project to a 5 week period.

Then on week 6 when I was to get back on track with all my other work my 5 year old daughter has been sick and has not been able to go to school for 3 days. Whilst I loved the time we got to spend together it meant another delay to getting back on track.

Is my life now chaos?

Actually, no by using my planning system of ensuring I get the most important tasks done I have been able to stay “on top” of most tasks. It has been an incredible freedom not to be completely stressed and frazzled by the change in routine and the almost impossible task of keeping everything going.

I am wrapped and actually excited to have tested my systems to the maximum and not everything has fallen in a heap. I am not saying that I didn’t have a couple of nights where I was utterly exhausted but the overall big picture is positive. Every client meeting I had I kept, every workshop I was still able to deliver and some of the other tasks were done.

I guess that is the benefits of practicing planning on a weekly to daily basis. Tasks can be moved and flexibility is really important as well as understanding what the top priorities are.

Planning is really freedom!

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