Imagining only owning 100 things!

I read an article by Kristin Tillotson from the Star Tribune in Minneapolis where she wrote of a family that are really trying to live green, save money and be free.

Think about what is the minimum number of items you could live with and how different your life would be with only the minimum.

This Swindlehurt’s family is breaking tradition and really going against the grain of current society by getting rid of as much stuff as they can.

Simplifying their lives

Apparently there is a National movement in America of people who are simplifying their lives – and imagine the difference on your savings by eliminating as many possessions as you can and resisting buying anything else.

It is linked towards green living, The Swindlehurt’s who the article focused on said that “The 100 Things Challenge” was what started it all. This challenge dared people to keep only 100 things. It was launched by Dave Bruno three years ago. It has picked up a Facebook following and naturally a book deal.

The goal is to free you from the demands of consumerism, from being stuck on stuff. Imagine how different your life would be. No filing cabinet, no dresser, no incredible collection of DVD’s, no mismatched coffee cups. What would be the 100 things you would keep?

Living minimal like this has definite benefits beyond the reduced environmental footprint such as reduced cleaning time. Not being anchored to material possessions, the money saved the feeling of being more organised.

Times are changing

It is interesting to note that we tend to travel in a circle through our life and many years ago our grandparents or parents grew up in the depression with very little, until now-a-days when we have excess everywhere from our possessions to our weight. Many people are feeling overwhelmed by their possessions and are making a conscious choice to reduce and eliminate.

People are starting to feel different. Material possessions are not necessary to show how successful you have been. According to a study of the American Dream by MetLife Generation Y is more into making friends than amassing objects.

You don’t have to get down to 100 things but really take a look around and every day take some possessions out of your house. It is a real freedom. It opens up so many possibilities. What is the minimum you could live with?

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