I Enjoy Being Me

287What a wonderfully unique person I am!

I love how it feels to be me.  I enjoy my life and cherish all the little nuances that occur every day.

I am where I am in life because of the choices I made and the work I put into being precisely who I am.  I am exactly the person I want to be.

I will continue to grow and learn new things.  I will continue to experience new things in life and transform for the better; this is part of being me.

I have surrounded myself with wonderful people and I enjoy who I am when I am with them.

I enjoy who I am when I am alone as well.  I take pleasure in self-reflection and I appreciate how I permit myself to enjoy solitude.

I am fun and caring.  I am talented and trustworthy.  I am glad to be just who I am.

Today, I will have a special date with myself and plan a time where I can simply enjoy being me.  I will do things I like to do and focus on the pure enjoyment of my time with me.

What are my best attributes?

What have I enjoyed doing by myself?

How do I show myself appreciation for being the wonderful person I am?

Personal Reflections Exercises

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