Has the Weekend become a Blur?

Our childhood memories are made up of spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles and family friends on a hot Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed a meal outdoors, kicked a ball, ate watermelon, were free to get dirty, climbed trees, played family cricket, and went bush walking. When was the last time you did this with your children?

It is no wonder we don’t have time to create these memories for our children, have you considered what we try and juggle and manage in our everyday lives? Today’s modern life of a flexible workforce, technology which enable us to work from anywhere at any time, managing a home, giving to our community and the never ending pursuit to better ourselves personally and professionally. This is what we all try to juggle and manage in our everyday lives.

Didn’t we think that technology and other advances would make things easier and less stressful? In fact, there are more expectations of us, and we have more to do. In essence we never “switch off”, causing the weekend to become a blur.

Can we really do all this and maintain a healthy balance in our lives without help? Are we all trying to achieve the impossible? Do you ever imagine having your own fairy godmother or personal assistant to help you get through the never ending tasks so you can start enjoying the things that are truly important to you? …there is a solution!

The personalised services industry is growing to meet these demands. LifeStyle Refocus is a Melbourne based personal organiser service and Lifestyle Management Company. Their services are all about making our lives easier, helping us achieve the lifestyle we dream about.

LifeStyle Refocus creates customised solutions, to help individuals and businesses get organised. Michele and Silvana provide ideas, information, structure, solutions, tools and systems which increase productivity, reduce stress and lead to more control over your life giving you more TIME to create a better life.

Imagine having a trusted team to help with organising the house and garden, shopping for gifts and groceries, arranging holidays, medical appointments, parties, concert tickets, dinner bookings and much, much more.

LifeStyle Refocus also works with businesses helping them keep staff motivated, productive and happy, giving employees real work/life balance. LifeStyle Refocus can help with event management, corporate gifts, and team building and staff incentives. Their services are not limited; Michele and Silvana will tailor them to individual needs whilst building an ongoing relationship.

“We saw a real need for a business like this, the traditional personal assistant who would help manager’s with organising them at work and home is being replaced with technology – with only very senior executives being privileged to having a personal assistant.”, Silvana commented.

“Also, with the high cost of living, more households have both partners working, leaving little time for organising day to day tasks”, stated Michele.

Michele and Silvana have created their own work/life balance by utilising their corporate backgrounds in event management, recruitment, marketing and personal assistant services and set up LifeStyle Refocus. “We both love our jobs and are passionate about helping people and businesses achieve their dreams in life by using our services. We give people more time to do what is truly important”, the girls explain.


“Time is really the only capital any human being has,

and the one thing he can’t afford to waste”

Thomas Edison.

About Us
LifeStyle Refocus is a Melbourne based personal lifestyle management consultancy. We are all about saving you TIME. Our workshops topics include “Systematise Yourself to a More Productive Day”, “DeClutter and Take Back Control” and “21 Strategies to DeClutter Your Mind.” We have recently launched our latest book “Time to Create a Better Life”. For more information go to www.lifestylerefocus.com.au or contact Michele on 0437 311 802.

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