Give Yourself TIME to work!

To be productive at work sometimes we actually need time to work! What I mean is interruption FREE TIME. Time at our desk without the phone ringing; responding to emails or speaking to drop in’s. If you build this into your weekly or daily routine colleagues will begin to respect your work TIME.

Interruptions can be costly to both your personally and the business in general. You lose your focus and thoughts with each interruption and have to begin again. Reports have said that “unnecessary interruptions consume about 28 percent of the office based worker’s day” which does make a significant impact on our productivity.


Simple solutions such as closing the door and allowing the phone to go to voicemail can be effective. If your office design means it is difficult to stop interruptions when you need a quiet space for your concentration timeslots, try to find other places to work. Perhaps negotiating to have some time working from home or in the general office meeting / board room may be the solution.

It is important for you and the organization you work for to have uninterrupted work time when you need to. Block a time in your diary or electronic calendar and advise everyone relevant that this is your productive / thinking time. If possible close the door, take the phone off the hook, turn off your mobile, and remove email alerts. Maintain this practice and you will benefit by being more productive than ever before, people will begin to acknowledge this is your TIME and work around you so that you achieve what you need to.


This is not just relevant to senior management but to all levels of staff to focus and concentrate and in turn increase their productivity. Increased productivity leads to better work / life balance for you and increased profits for the organization. It is a win / win for both the individual and the organisation.

Perhaps with the more focused work time you will end up with more FREE TIME to live the life you enjoy.

LifeStyle Refocus is a Melbourne based personal assistant, corporate concierge and lifestyle management consultancy. They are all about saving you TIME. By taking care of your “to do or wish list” so you can spend time doing the things that are truly important to you.

For more information go to or contact Silvana on 0417 595 744 or Michele on 0437 311 802.

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