Focus on You

focus on youFor you to be your best and look after and support others, you need to look after yourself first.

I have a friend who recently was doing everything – working a number of jobs, getting up at 4:30 am to start her day, not eating properly because she was too busy, no time to exercise, no time for a chat with friends and not enough time with her family.

Guess what happened? She ‘hit the wall’. Her body had given her a few warnings to slow down, take some time for herself, but she didn’t listen. She was just trying to do it all for everyone. She became quite unwell and then she couldn’t do anything for anyone for a period of time.

It really doesn’t take a lot to look after your well being, but you do have to look after yourself. Take time to sleep well, eat well and exercise. Take time for you … you need it. You are the most important person around. To be the very best for everyone around you, it is important to take some time for you. Otherwise, you can get burned out, you can get sick and be forced to take time out.

Listen to your body. It does give you alerts and warning signs.

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