Exercise and Increase Your Productivity

Many of us are aware that during the night we have a rhythm to our sleep – light sleep, deep sleep . . . however did you know that during the day our bodies also have a rhythm?

Take note as to how you work during the day, once you commence work do you find you can get going but later in the day between 2.30 to 3.30 you start to feel sluggish. Well that is your body rhythm telling you that it is fatiguing.

It is during this period of time when you are start to lose concentration and you will know because of the signs and signals your body gives you such as fidgeting, self-distraction, hunger, thirst, looking for easy distractions, not doing the work you really should be doing. Why not take a walk! Just 10 minutes can make all the difference.

After your walk you can come back to work and you will be ready to go again. Rather than persisting and not really being productive taking a break will allow you to come back refreshed and “on” task. This will increase your focus and concentration. If you had not got up and walked away from the desk then you will continue to work slower, make more mistakes, and procrastinate on decisions because you are not clear. So go for a walk and increase your productivity. You will notice the difference.

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