Enjoying Christmas – Theft

Believe it or not, at this time of year, you aren’t the only busy person. Thieves are busy too. They know that houses are full of gifts and presents. At the same time, they have a busy schedule just after Christmas when everyone heads off on holidays.

Lock the House

We are busy and in and out of the house. I know this sounds basic, but make sure the doors are locked. Thieves are out and about and just trying doors is easy for them.

Lock the Car

When at shopping centres, it can be an ordeal just getting a car park. This means by the time we have a car park, we can jump out of the car and forget to lock the car.

Break down boxes

If you leave a large box out on the nature strip for the rubbish collection men, that is advertising what you have just purchased. They get to see what households have purchased a new flat screen televisions, computer, etc.

Going Away

If you are going away then do some small little things that don’t advertise that no one is home. Suggestions include but not limited to:

  • Leave clothes on the clothes line
  • Have the mail collected
  • Get someone to put the bins out
  • Have some lights or radios on timers so they come on of an evening
  • Ask a friend to mind your house while you are away


*Credits to ahajokes.com for the image.

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