Enjoying Christmas – November is Here

november-2013-calendarNovember is here. We are approaching the end of the year and as we know Christmas is just around the corner.


What is amazing is, at this time of year, we start to put deadlines on ourselves. For some reason, many tasks, projects and plans have to be completed by the end of the year. These deadlines can create an increase in stress and tension that can leave us exhausted before we even get to the end of the year.

Take a moment to think about what your true deadlines are. That can bring things back into perspective for some people, not everyone of course. Are there any of these goals that you want to complete by Christmas that you could perhaps move the completion date to mid-January? If so, then do that now.

Holiday Sales

Prior to Christmas and just after Christmas, there is a big period of holiday sales. While you are at the shops, it may be useful to start your holiday sales plans. You don’t necessary need to have this list. I know, for us, it is a time where we consider if there are any “big” items that we may need to purchase. Things such as fridge, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, outdoor items that if they are reduced dramatically then it is a better financial decision to purchase at this time of year.

Ordering and Organising

It is a good chance to order the ham and turkey now. Continue with the Christmas cards to have them completed by December. Get the Christmas decorations out of storage. Cook the Christmas cake and pudding. Make sure all the gifts to overseas have been sent. Buy Advent calendars for the children. Purchase your wrapping paper and gift tags for the gifts.

All of these tasks are small but they are helping you move forward. Little bit by little bit. Small task by small task, you are becoming more organised and on top of the festive season.

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