Enjoying Christmas – Gifts

giftsGifts are a big part of Christmas for many families, although not so much for others. There is no right or wrong; however, this article will focus on elements of gift giving.

If you are crafty and you like to make your Christmas gifts, now is the time to start thinking about what you are going to make, the materials you need and start shopping for them. Some gifts may have to be made closer to the gift giving date; however, for the other gifts, it may be wise to start making them now.

Many people set a budget for their Christmas spending. If you do, then it is time to plan what your Christmas budget is going to be. There are a number of ways to set a Christmas budget. One is work out how much money you are going to spend at Christmas, then write down who you will be buying Christmas gifts for and divide the two. Other people write their list and estimate how much they want to spend on different people. There are other ways as well. My main point is, it is time to start thinking about your Christmas budget.

Other factors for your Christmas budge include clothing, parties you are attending, drinks, and dinners. They all add up so that come the New Year you may have a bigger debt than you had wanted.

If you have a present box, basket, shelf, cupboard or draw, it is time to go through it and take stock. See what you have purchased over the year when you have seen something and add it to the master gift list.

Take some time to develop a Gifts Ideas Planner. Write down the people you plan to buy Christmas gifts for, from family members, to friends, neighbours, teachers, coaches and work colleagues. Think about what would be a nice gift for them. Another idea is to think about stocking stuffers if you have young children. You know those small gifts that add bulk and excitement to the Christmas morning.

One more element that I would love you to consider is not just buying gifts for the sake of having something to give. Buy an experience instead. Some suggestions include movie tickets, a day out at a sporting event, concert tickets, adventure experience. My brother took my children last year to a cricket match with his children. The tickets were only $2.50 each yet the experience of spending a whole day with their cousins was “the best ever” according to the kids.

Once you have done this preparation, it is time to think about going shopping. If you start shopping now, you are going to save yourself time. Why? The shops aren’t as crowded, you get served quicker, you can work more easily, and the shop assistants have time to help you, getting a car park is easier.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. It should be enjoyed.

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