Enjoying Christmas – Gift Wrapping

gift wrapThe size of families varies and the number of gifts we buy varies as well. This may be a great tip for you or it may just be a little bit over the top. If it is, apologies; however, our organising community is varied, so it is important to help and support everyone.

I have a friend who likes to wrap all her presents Christmas Eve so this may not apply to you at all. I prefer to get my sleep Christmas Eve, so I like to have my gifts wrapped early.

I have created what I refer to as a “gift wrapping zone” in our house. It is all set up and ready this time of year with sticky tape, wrapping paper, bags, ribbons, pens and gift cards.

Having the gift wrapping station (zone) means I can use pockets of time to get on top of all my gift wrapping. If I have a spare five minutes, I can get a few gifts wrapped in that time. It keeps it all in one area of the house, which means I am not impacting on others in the house.

In addition, I have my master gift check list. This is where I have the names of people I am purchasing gifts for and what present ideas I have. I then write what I actually purchased. This allows me for next year to know what I got them so that I don’t double up but also helps me when I am trying to think of gifts. Some of the gift ideas may be suitable for others, some of the gifts ideas I can extend on.

This master gift list gives me a report on what shopping and gifts I have completed and what I still need to do.

This is another example of “chunking” in action.

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