Changing Your Words To Reach Your Dreams

I have a question and it’s a pretty intense question – what would your life be like if you could take all the negative emotions you ever felt and lower their intensity so they didn’t impact you as powerfully, so you are always in charge?185

What would your life be like if you could take the most positive emotions and intensify them, thereby taking your life to a higher level? You can do both of these. Change your words and you will change your experiences and your outcomes.

So If I change the following words, I can change their impact on me. For example:


  • Afraid to disenchanted
  • Confused to curious
  • Exhausted to recharging
  • Failure to learning
  • Hurt to bothered
  • Hate to I prefer
  • Nervous to energised
  • Overwhelmed to many opportunities
  • Stressed to blessed

If I change the following positive words to even more positive, I could increase their intensity and in turn increase the way they feel for me. For example:

If I changed:

  • Determined to unstoppable
  • Excited to ecstatic
  • Good to magic
  • Good to vibrant
  • Great to exuberant
  • Interested to enthralled
  • Motivated to passionate
  • Okay to fantastic
  • Okay to perfect
  • Strong to invincible
  • Terrific to ecstatic

How much more inspiring are these words?

If we are going to change the words we use, we are really changing our habits. So how do you change habits?

To change habits, do the following:

  1. Decide that you are committed to having a life with deeper positive experiences and less negative experiences
  2. Acknowledge that the language you use has an impact on the experiences you have
  3. Pick three words in the positive category to replace and give more intensity to
  4. Pick three words in the negative category to replace and give less meaning to
  5. Find people around you who can support you. These three people will remind you (gently and nicely) that you need to be using the new words
  6. Do it for 10 days, then review and tweak if needed
  7. If you have found you enjoy these new words then perhaps you can pick three more words to use so that your language becomes your asset

 “Be an inspiration to yourself and
you will be an inspiration to others.”

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