Be the Best Version of You


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“I need to stop trying to become perfect and just try to become better.”
Sasha Cohen, U.S. Figure Skater

How often do you want everything to be just right?  To be the best?  To excel?  While they are all good aims, sometimes aiming for perfection stops you from even starting.  Why not just aim to take action, learn, improve and get better?

A mentor of mine often spoke about how she aims for 80% and above.  That she deliberately makes mistakes in what she does to teach others – her message is that it’s all about taking action and not being perfect!  She has an extremely successful business so that is when I decided it was time to drop aiming for perfection and just focus on taking action – no longer waiting for the ducks to all line up – no longer waiting for everything to be perfect.

The difference this one step made to me, my life and my results is amazing.  Think about where you have been chasing perfection.  Change your focus from perfection to daily improvement.

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