278Balance is the key to life.  If we had sunshine all the time without rain, the plants would suffer.  If we only focused on one area of our life such as work, other areas such as our relationships, health and fitness, personal development, may suffer.

Balance is about your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  When we focus too much on one area, other areas in our life are impacted and, in some cases, other areas of our life suffer.

We have to be aware of over-scheduling ourselves.  Aiming for total balance is perhaps aiming too high – it is all about overall well-being.  Combine being at work with your friendship groups.  You could even exercise at lunch time with some of your work colleagues.  That means you are working on your business relationships plus health and fitness.  Maybe you could combine your children’s sport commitments and be involved; in some way, this helps with your family time.

The message I am giving here is rather than separating categories, combine categories.  If you exercise then try to exercise with friends.  To spend time with your children, then get involved in things they do, combine work with your social life.

Remember, we no longer live in a society or world where it is 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours play.  It is about using our time well and we can do this to help maintain balance.

I look forward to hearing your creative success stories about balance.

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