Rosalie Griffiths

My home office consisted of an old kitchen table with a computer on it. There was very little space to actually do any work at the desk, as it was cluttered – not just with Urban Sensations items, but also with family related items. My filing systems were basic – to say the least. It was very clear to me that I simply didn’t have time (or the desire) to get my home office functioning as a home office.

I was overwhelmed by what needed to be done and I was in the busiest part of the year – the pre-Christmas rush! I needed someone to organise it for me.

Thankfully, I engaged lifestyle refocus to come and help change a cluttered space into a desirable home office. During our initial discussions, it became apparent that 2 major changes were required –

  1. I needed a desk that I could actually work at
  2. I needed storage space and a filing system that would work for me.

So, the next step was easy, Michele and Silvana went and looked at several office furniture combinations and provided me with a short list of three. Having looked at these options myself, I chose the one that I liked the best. After the furniture had arrived, Michele and Silvana spent a day with me – sorting through all the files (culling a lot of unwanted items), creating a filing system that I could use and making the space work for me. I now have a fully functioning home office, which I thoroughly enjoying working in. I now actually have room to work in my office and my filing systems are still working for me – some 5 months later. Even after the project was complete, Michele and Silvana followed up with me to ensure that the systems that were put in place were working for me.

Of course the best part is that without all the clutter and with a filing system in place, I am so much happier and more productive than I have ever been.

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