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Jan 29, 2009

Creating Goals and Focus for the Year Ahead

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We have all read the books, which say no goal is ever achieved unless it is visualised. Part of the visualization process can often be writing down the goals – being accountable. Following is a chart of the categories that can be considered in your goals for the New Year. These are in no specific order and you do not have to have goals in all areas if they are not relevant to you. Categories to consider Spiritual Family Work / Career Physical / Health Social Personal Rest and relaxation Business Plan / Life Guide Now we have a business plan – or a life guide. That is one step in the process to accomplishing our goals. But just as in business it is a great idea to break these goals down. Let’s break them down into monthly achievements as...
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Jan 18, 2009

10 Tips for Starting the Business Year

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So here are some suggestions for increasing sales and generating that revenue stream required to keep busy increasing and building relationships: Go through your ledger and find the top sales items and check that you have actually been paid for each of them. Now is the time to follow up those customers and send them a New Year wishes card and thank them for their support over the year.  Any outstanding accounts justify a personal call from one of your top sales team (or you and your business partners) to talk about their business plans and only at the end ask if they could assist you by completing payments before the end of the month Identify the pattern of purchases of these items in previous good times and...
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Nov 24, 2008

Give Yourself TIME to work!

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To be productive at work sometimes we actually need time to work! What I mean is interruption FREE TIME. Time at our desk without the phone ringing; responding to emails or speaking to drop in’s. If you build this into your weekly or daily routine colleagues will begin to respect your work TIME. Interruptions can be costly to both your personally and the business in general. You lose your focus and thoughts with each interruption and have to begin again. Reports have said that “unnecessary interruptions consume about 28 percent of the office based worker’s day” which does make a significant impact on our productivity. Solutions Simple solutions such as closing the door and allowing the phone to go to voicemail can be effective. If your office design means it is difficult...
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Nov 18, 2008

Make TIME for the important things in your life!

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The past few blogs have focused on employment and keeping staff engaged. This article is all about you and maximizing your life. Enjoying your down TIME. Here are some ways to enjoy this weekend! Go on a picnic Pack a lunch, afternoon tea or early dinner, don’t forget the picnic rug. Enjoy time by yourself with a book or with family and friends. Give yourself some pampering It is getting close to sandal season so give your feet some attention whether by a professional or do it yourself. Find some sun Set up some space in your backyard for relaxation, hook up a hammock , a daybed or a chair and pillow. Enjoy a few minutes and the time for yourself. Host a potluck brunch Invite friends over and ask everyone to bring a...
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