Nov 26, 2014


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In the modern world we live in, maintaining our focus can be difficult. When delivering workshops, I receive so many comments like:

  • I can’t manage my time.
  • I am always stressed.
  • I have too much to do.
  • I procrastinate.
  • I am frustrated.
  • I am stuck.

We do, in general, have a focus issue. We get distracted all the time. Even though I am aware of this, at times, I struggle to stay on task. Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. So how can we focus more?

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Nov 26, 2014

Believe In Yourself

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“It is the decisions you make, when you have no time to make them, that define who you are. Believing in yourself is one of the first steps to success.” It really is important to believe in yourself, isn’t it? Believe in yourself no matter what other people think. We should all decide that we can do, be and have whatever we want in this world and the only person who can get you there is YOU! It is in your thoughts; it is in your actions that you can make your dreams come true. Some simple steps that may help include: Set goals. When you set goals you know where you are heading. Acknowledge when you achieve any small goal. It helps to build your confidence in your own success. Have realistic expectations of...
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Nov 12, 2014

Letting Go

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Many people believe that by gathering more stuff, they will find happiness. Have you ever thought about when you can find true happiness? How about right now? In this moment … by simply letting go.

  1. Let go of the need to impress others
  2. Let go of the need to be right
  3. Let go of the need to gossip
  4. Let go of the past
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Nov 12, 2014

Focus on You

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For you to be your best and look after and support others, you need to look after yourself first. I have a friend who recently was doing everything – working a number of jobs, getting up at 4:30 am to start her day, not eating properly because she was too busy, no time to exercise, no time for a chat with friends and not enough time with her family. Guess what happened? She ‘hit the wall’. Her body had given her a few warnings to slow down, take some time for herself, but she didn’t listen. She was just trying to do it all for everyone. She became quite unwell and then she couldn’t do anything for anyone for a period of time. It really doesn’t take a lot to look after...
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Oct 29, 2014

Improving Your Focus – Part 2

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Focus can be difficult in this distraction-driven world. One thing we all need is more time and maintaining focus can help us with this. The following are some tips to maintain your focus.

  1. Time for something you want
  2. Maintaining the focus
  3. Delegate
  4. Getting started
  5. Reward yourself.
  6. List Building
  7. Have some do not disturb time
  8. Breathe
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Oct 29, 2014

What Are You Afraid To Do?

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“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” – Henry Ford Have you realised that most of the barriers that are challenging us have been put there by us in the first place? Logic would tell us then if we put them there then we can take them down. One of the great discoveries you and I can make is to find that we really can do something we were afraid we couldn’t do. The barrier is something we have put up inside ourselves and we really can take it down. What barrier will you take down this week? Have a go, what have you got to lose? If you are successful, much is to be gained. If...
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Oct 15, 2014

Improving Your Focus – Part 1

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Focus can be difficult in this distraction-driven world. One thing we all need is more time and maintaining focus can help us with this. The following are some tips to maintain your focus.

  1. Eat Breakfast
  2. Hydration
  3. Environment
  4. Know your objectives
  5. Prioritise
  6. One thing
  7. Random thoughts
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Oct 15, 2014

The Ant Philosophy

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Have you ever taken the time to watch ants? I know it’s a strange question. My brother-in-law, as a child, had a fascination with ants. He refers to them as his ‘friends’ because they were always waiting for him every time he arrived home! Jim Rohn teaches about “The Ant Philosophy”. Jim recommends that we should study ants. Jim has been teaching children about a simple but powerful concept – The Ant Philosophy. Jim believes that ants have an amazing four-part philosophy. Part 1 – Ants never quit. That’s a good philosophy. If they’re headed somewhere and you try to stop them, they’ll look for another way. They’ll climb over, they’ll climb under, and they’ll climb around. They keep looking for another way. Perhaps a good philosophy to embrace; to never quit...
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Oct 1, 2014

Our Thinking Can Impact Our Results

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Our thoughts, those things that we think about on a day-to-day basis, have a huge effect on the results that show up in our lives. They actually say that 90% of our thoughts each day are the same thoughts as the day before.

So what do you think about?

Thoughts trigger our emotions. Emotions are very powerful, and our decisions are made based on our emotions. That means that our emotions determine the choices that we make, which in turn leads to the actions we take.

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Oct 1, 2014

Making Mistakes

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I don’t know about you, but for a period of time, I just didn’t want to get anything wrong or make a mistake. Boy, how that one desire restricted my life. It restricted what I could achieve, how far I stretched and kept me in my safety and comfort zone. Then one day I had a mind switch and realised the more mistakes I make, the more I learn, the bigger my comfort zone, the more I can achieve. I started to look at mistakes and failures as part of my expansion, as part of being able to achieve everything that I wanted to achieve. You may have heard the story of this famous figure before. However, I would love to share it again. Failed in business, 1831 Defeated for legislature, 1832 Second failure...
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