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Feb 7, 2011

Goal Setting

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It is time to think about setting goals for the year both in a personal sense and a business sense. However before we even set a goal some things to consider include: What is your sense of purpose? What is your purpose in life, what do you love, what do you value, and what do you really want to do? Answer these questions without too much thought it is known as ‘a rapid fire exercise’ rather than ponder for a long time. In a rapid fire exercise you answer the question with 5 answers in 30 seconds. Most of the time you get the same answers even if you pondered for 2 hours. So take 30 seconds and write down five things that are your purpose in life, what you love,...
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Sep 9, 2010

New Habits to Your Responses

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To make changes to ensure we have the ‘The Power To Choose’ in our own life we have to develop some new habits. I recommend the following two new habits to start. Stimulus and Response Understand that you are choosing your reaction to the stimulus presented to you. You have the power to choose. Pause to ensure you are making the right choice for you, your values and goals. Are you going to yell at the driver that cut you off in the traffic or how are you going to react? What about that extra bit of work your boss gives you with a tight deadline? Will you spend the next few hours working yourself up because you are annoyed or will you just focus and get it done? Evaluation Every choice we make has...
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Jun 10, 2010

You Can Be In Control – Part 2

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How have you gone the last couple of weeks? Have you taken note of the times you have not been in control? Have you considered how you reacted to different situations and recognised the times when you could have reacted differently? Have you tried to stop yourself when others are trying to take control? Here are the steps! Making the choice to be in control can be empowering you only need to control yourself. Recognise that you have the power to choose how you react to a situation Recognise when you are not taking responsibility for your life Practise stopping yourself when you are letting others control you and take responsibility This is a new behaviour so practise is really important. But keep practicing. “If you don’t run your own life, someone else will” ~John Atkinson About Us LifeStyle Refocus is...
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May 17, 2010

You can be in control!

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  When we let other people control our life we are passing control of our thoughts, mood, and experiences onto other people who are out of our control. When this occurs we are living a reactive life. The benefit of letting others control us is that we have someone else to blame – and that feels good. The alternative action is that we could take responsibility for our self. Are you living your life according to what others want? We can automatically spend our lives living up to the standards of others instead of taking the time to work out what we want. For example: The man who has spent 25 years working as a lawyer because his father was a lawyer. He never changed his profession even though he had the ability, skills...
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Apr 14, 2010

1,440 Minutes per Day

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We all have the same 1,440 minutes per day – how we utilise that time determines our ability to have a productive day. So focus on doing the really important and high priority tasks first, usually 3 to 4 tasks each day. Once you have completed those tasks, then you can start working on the smaller stuff. At the very least if you only get the 3 to 4 high priority tasks done then you will feel like you have achieved something in your day. That’s such a fantastic feeling. One of my favourite quotes from Stephen Covey is: “I can not get it all done but I can get the most important things done.” WHAT ARE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT THINGS? About Us LifeStyle Refocus is a Melbourne based personal assistant, corporate concierge and lifestyle management...
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Mar 30, 2010

Time Tracking Exercise Follow Up

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Did you complete the time tracking exercise? How many days did you track your time for? What method did you prefer the planning method or the recording method? Congratulations on investing the time to save time. Seeing as we invested in tracking time it is important to evaluate our recordings. We want to do the following: Analyse the way we used our time, what can you see from looking at how you spent your time? What are some better ways you can use your time based on the analysis? What are your wasteful tasks? What are your unproductive tasks? How can you reduce or eliminate your wasteful and unproductive tasks? It is okay to do this one step at a time. How can you consolidate your time so you have large chunks of time for your...
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Mar 16, 2010

Time Tracking Exercise

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Last post we focused on time wasters this time I would love to introduce to you a time tracking exercise that I really recommend. The objective is to think about how you are using your time, identify useless or non productive activities and eliminate them this also provides you with a better guide for how long a task actually takes. In his excellent book “The Effective Executive,” Peter Drucker identifies that effective executives follow three key steps to manage their time better: They analyse the way they use their time and think about better ways of using it They find wasteful and unproductive uses of their time and reduce them systematically They consolidate their time into large chunks that they can use for their most important work. So over the next two weeks I...
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Mar 2, 2010

Time Wasters

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Part of being human is that we are all time wasters. Sometimes time wasted can be productive, it gives you a break, releases tension, however most time wasted causes extra stress because what you know you should be doing is being put off. The aim is to identify when you are wasting time and whether it is a welcome break, or whether changes should be made? Some time wasters: Disorganisation Procrastination Social Interaction Perfection Visitors Telephone calls Television Mail Email Computer activities – facebook, twitter, games … Take a moment to consider what are your time wasters? Activity I found this fantastic exercise that I recommend. Now that you have identified what your time wasters are, split your time wasters into two groups, those within your control and those beyond your control. TIME WASTERS Within My Control Beyond My Control Take a moment to consider what will...
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Feb 18, 2010

New Habits to Manage Time

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With any improvements in life it is often our own habits that have to change to be able to move forward. Once I have written on a subject I like to reflect on some new habits or attitudes that we should be developing so that we can move forward. Therefore based on this I would like to propose the following: Ask yourself “What will make the biggest difference?” Are you making the best possible use of your time? Do you find yourself being reactive rather than proactive? Are you managing to do what you want to achieve? Therefore each day when planning ask yourself – “What is it I want to achieve today?” and “What will make the biggest difference in my life right now?” Don’t be late Lateness is rude and often...
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Feb 3, 2010

Respect Time

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Someone once said “Time is a great equalizer. We all get the same amount of hours each day. Some people are able to organise their lives with consistently high results and successes in many dimensions of their lives whilst others never seem to be able to accomplish what they want.” Which category do you fit into? Do you need to develop new habits to plan your day as you are one of the few people who understand that you can not get it all done but you can get the most important things done? What are the most important things in your day today? If you have scribbled a “to-do” list on a bit of paper take a moment to look at it and rate it in order of importance then tackle task...
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