Nov 4, 2009

Tackle Clutter in Small Steps

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Sometimes the thought of tackling the clutter is overwhelming however it does not have to be that way. The following are some small steps which will help you work up to the bigger more overwhelming projects. Small steps: Pick a cupboard – just one and start there and only there Start in one room – an easy room Throw out 5 things a day, this adds up over time: 25 items a week 155 items a month 1,825 items a year Pick up things off the floor Clear a surface Toss old magazines Dump junk mail immediately as it comes into the house, flick and throw Put things away – a place for everything and everything in its place One book shelf One draw The pantry – toss anything expired Pile of paperwork use “the 4 D’s” – Do it now, dump it, delegate it...
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Oct 20, 2009

DeCluttering Excuses!

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Taking the time to declutter is not always easy but at times we can actually talk ourselves out of even starting with the following excuses. Have your ever heard or said yourself: “It’s alright for you to be organised but I live in a small house.” “I don’t have the money to buy the boxes and containers to declutter” “I don’t have the money to redo the room so everything fits” “I need to buy another book case to fit everything in” “I don’t have anywhere to put …” “It’s going to make a mess” “I don’t have enough cupboard space” “I don’t have time” “I don’t know where to start” “The job is too big so I just haven’t started” “I have young kids I have no time” “I’m too busy” “I’ll do it next week” “I want to clean up first then...
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Oct 6, 2009

Tips to Tackle Clutter

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Knowing that you want to start decluttering is one thing. The next is actually having an action plan. The following are some tips to help you tackle the clutter. Decide where you are going to DeClutter Take a moment to decide what area you will tackle Perhaps even make a list of areas and then prioritise them so you are only focused on one area at a time and do not get distracted by other areas or spaces Set yourself a timeline to accomplish a number of areas for example “I will tackle the top three areas on my list over the next 4 weeks.” Set a deadline Before you even tackle the first space allocate your time. I will spend 2 hours decluttering my wardrobe. You will find that you will work hard and...
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Sep 24, 2009

How to find the energy to declutter?

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Take a deep breath Are you an early bird or night owl? Work at the right time of the day for you Know your limits – sprinter or marathon runner Eat healthy Music is a great motivator Understand that the hardest part is getting started so: Put all your focus on getting started Just spend 15 minutes Know what you are going to achieve Start with a small task to get started Make it easy to get started Have a rubbish bag and recycling bin ready So take action and start decluttering, one small space at a time. About Us LifeStyle Refocus is a Melbourne based personal assistant, corporate concierge and lifestyle management consultancy. They are all about saving you TIME. By taking care of your “to do” list so you can spend time doing the things that are truly important to you. For...
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Aug 26, 2009

How will you feel once you have decluttered?

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Once you have decluttered you will start to feel: Relaxed Focused Free Proud What are the benefits of decluttering? More time More efficient Praise from others Save money Do things well Escape drudgery Be more comfortable Live in a clean atmosphere Live longer Increase enjoyment Relax Why are you not getting yourself clutter free? Rather be doing something else All or nothing Too broad of a statement about getting organised Sense of attachment Fear of failure So take action and start decluttering, one small space at a time. About Us LifeStyle Refocus is a Melbourne based personal assistant, corporate concierge and lifestyle management consultancy. They are all about saving you TIME. By taking care of your “to do” list so you can spend time doing the things that are truly important to you. For more information go to or contact Silvana on 0417 595 744 or Michele...
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Aug 11, 2009

What does clutter do to you?

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Clutter affects you and the people around you in many ways, for example: You waste time searching for things Clutter occupies space You lose things Extra money is spent on items which have already been bought Money is wasted on excess furniture and storage to hoard the clutter Clutter makes you feel busy and causes unnecessary stress. You get distracted and have difficulty focusing Clutter affects your image. You look out of control You cannot prioritise or work efficiently when you can’t see or find the tasks that need to be done How do you know when it’s time for you to Declutter? It will become very obvious when: You have difficulty finding things You’re always saying, “I know it’s here somewhere!” You can’t see your desk for the mess You cut your fingers in the filing cabinet when you try to dig out...
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Jul 28, 2009

Clearing the clutter

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Did you know that clutter can bring you down? Think about how you felt last time you cleared out a space that was bothering you. It is a real sense of freedom whether it is a whole room, wardrobe or desk. It is worth investing the time in clearing the clutter. What is clutter? Over time our homes, have a tendency to accumulate and collect all kinds of treasures, gems and keepsakes. Now we all know that one person’s trash is another person’s treasures, but our homes can only hold so much!!! Our motto is “Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful”. Of course, this process will not be done in one day, after all it took years (or if we are really good, months) to make it this way. Start...
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Jul 15, 2009

Declutter your Mobile Phone

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Too often we leave the organising and decluttering until the end of the year – which is a busy time with celebrations and shopping. Or the start of the year – which is a good time for planning so why not schedule your decluttering gradually throughout the year? This means that it is not a massive job when it comes time to declutter. Rather than tackle a whole job such as the office at once it is great to continuously work on smaller areas such as your mobile phone. What you say? Declutter my mobile? Believe it or not there are many areas that do get decluttered in your mobile. Contacts Delete all temporary numbers. Delete any numbers belonging to people that you don’t know. If you are like me I always save numbers when...
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Jun 9, 2009

Not-to-do lists

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Lists, lists, lists I love them. I have shopping lists, weekly menu list, 2009 goals list, action items list, to-do list, birthday list, presents list, cleaning my house list and it goes on. The problem with all the lists is knowing what to do first so the idea when presented to me of a “not-to-do” list sounded sensational. Author Michael LeBoeuf recommended the following for the not-to-do list: All low-priority items, unless you have successfully completed all your high-priority items. Anything you could reasonably delegate to someone else. Demands on your time from others that are either thoughtless or inappropriate. Any errand that, if ignored, will have minimal consequences. Anything you might have done for someone else that the person should be doing for himself or herself. Wow – what a great idea. Think of the...
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Mar 24, 2009

Getting organised starts with clearing the clutter!

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The steps to decluttering whether it is the shed, office or home are the same. It can be difficult to know where to begin clearing the clutter but it can be a good idea to start in an area that does not need a lot done to it. This will take less time but it will give you a start. The following are some steps to get you decluttering: Have a plan Know how you are going to organise the stuff while you are going through it Use a systematic approach Gather boxes and suppliers you will need, such as boxes or containers with the following labels: keep in this area elsewhere donate recycle micro sorting and rubbish The elsewhere box is for any object that belongs elsewhere to stop you leaving the room you are...
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